Instability is a Muscle Length Problem

Stability is the the key to strength …conversely instability limits strength“You can’t shoot a canon from a canoe.” Instability is often treated with exercises that promote muscle activation or “deeper” strengthening using unstable products. But is lack of strength the real cause behind instability?

Muscle weakness vs. Muscle tightness.

We think of instability as weakness although the underlying cause of instability is often muscle tightness. It’s common to mistake tightness for weakness. But this “weakness”  is  a deep muscle problem that begins with tight muscle fiber. Tight muscle fiber can’t contract… making instability a length problem not a strength problem.

Muscle is made up of strands of muscle fiber. Fiber within a muscle can be tight. The tight fiber doesn’t contract when the muscle contracts. You lose strength because the tight fiber doesn’t contract …  you feel muscle tightness.

Treating instability as a muscle length problem.

A special treatment is needed to facilitate the lengthening of tight fiber. That’s where diagonal isometrics come in. Isometrics provide force without movement while diagonals allow a longer line of force than possible with gravity. Diagonal isometrics are easily set up as a “preload” on StandingFirm®.

Resistance bands and a rotation plate create the diagonal isometric force…reaching the tight fiber that gravity misses. Holding the preload in place creates an anti-rotation isometric.

Anti-rotation isometrics lengthen tight muscle fiber.

The isometric force plus diagonal length allows a deep muscle contraction that releases the tightness.  Anti-rotation stability exercises using StandingFirm® create muscle lengthening diagonal force to improve stability.

Anti-rotation exercises on StandingFirm® are performed with any functional movement or traditional strength band exercise… creating isolated corrective work to release tight fiber while integrating functional strength.



Stability in human movement.

Stability training can come in a variety of forms but stability training for stronger movement is dependent on the ability to fully lengthen muscle. Make sure muscles lengthen optimally with StandingFirm®… the new better way to improve stability.

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