Can Your Workout Do This?

Getting the most out of your workout usually starts with some form of warm-up and working through dynamic range of motion… maybe some extra mobility work and your ready to start exercising. But consider this … you may be missing the one thing that allows your muscles to produce max force. Rotation.

A full lengthening muscle contraction.

A lengthening contraction refers to the muscles ability to reach end-range without constriction along with the ability to fully contract the muscle at the end-range position. Most muscles have a component of rotation… making rotation the end-range motion of the muscle.

The optimal muscle length to produce force.

The optimal length to produce force is within the muscle’s natural resting length… rotation being the end-range of the muscle is the last range of resting length. Deep muscle tightness eliminates the last range of motion.


On a linear scale… one end is muscle tightness where the muscle doesn’t fully lengthen to resting length… the other end of the scale is a stretched muscle that goes past resting length where the muscle can’t produce maximum force.



To reach the end-range of the muscle without stretching the muscle… you must remain close to anatomical position. The major hip muscles have 4 positions… flexion, extension, abduction and adduction. For example, if you stand with your legs at shoulder width and rotate the femur you’re within the natural resting length of the abductors. A full lengthening contraction takes the muscle past the neutral position (with feet straight ahead) … and moves into rotation.

Because of the unique, patented resistance system on StandingFirm® you can easily work in and out of a muscles natural end-range rotation.

Traditional Exercises and Individual Muscle Function.

When you skip individual muscle function and dive right into functional exercises you’re assuming that each muscle is able to fully lengthen and produce max force. But this is seldom the case. Tight muscle fiber is deep in the muscle and is over-ridden in traditional functional exercises.

Diagonal isometrics plus rotation create a full lengthening (eccentric) contraction to make sure the whole muscle is functioning to the max. 

It is possible to target deep tight fiber while performing functional exercises. A traditional squat plus rotational range is easily set-up using the rotational plate of StandingFirm®.

You want your muscles functioning optimally. Don’t forget the rotational component… it makes the difference between just another workout and working out for maximum results.

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